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In Love and Darkness

Apr 10, 2017

Best Friends

Best Friends w/ strawberries

This tutorial is written in Corel X5, but any version should work, this is written in hopes you have a working knowledge of Paint ShopPro or othger graphics program…
This is written by me never meant to copy or look like your work..

I am using a PTU
Kit by
FwTags Creations

She sells at many stores you can find them all on her
Blog Here FwTags Creations

I am using an exclusive tube
From Alehandra Vanhek
This is a tube you have to be part of the Exclusive Club
You can find more tubes

I am using a FTU template
By Millies PSP Madness (812)
You get all her goodies

I up-sized the canvas size to 715x715
Delete the copyright layer and the white on the background layer

Raster 1 flood fill with paper 4
Raster 2&3 flood fill with paper 7
Raster 4&5 flood fill with paper 5
Raster 6 flood fill with paper 2
Raster 7&8 flood fill with paper 6
Raster 9&10 flood fill with paper 1, merge these into one raster layer and add this drop shadow
Vertical 5
Horizontal 3
Opacity 75
Blur 5
Color black
E9 c/p re-size by 70% pull to the right hand edge of your tag…
E57 c/p pull to bottom edge of lower right circle
E30 c/p re-size by 70% pull behind the flowers…
E10 c/p pull to the lower left hand edge of your tag…
Click on raster 6
E60 c/p re-size by 90
Click on circle frames paste the re-sized version of your tube, I normally make it 600pixels in height…
Raster 11 flood fill with paper 1 also, colorize 12 and 13 one to green and one red, merge the words on 12&13 into one raster layer add the same drop shadow from above…
E34 c/p re-size by 25% pull to the “e” in best
E1 c/p re-size by 30% pull to the “nd” in the word art..
E3 c/p re-size by 30% pull to sit in front of glass of strawberries…
E24 c/p re-size by 25% pull to the left of jar of jam…
E5 c/p re-size by 20% pull to the left of books…
E28 c/p re-size by 20% pull to the right of the books in front of the jam…
E25 c/p re-size by 60% pull to the middle of your tube…
E47 c/p re-size by 20% pull it to sit on the top of your blue word art…
Add a new raster layer to your tag for your credit and copyright, for the kit maker and artist.. Add a saying to the tag and your done..

Thank you for reading my tutorial
©LadyDragus ~ April 2017

Tag for kit maker and template maker

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