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In Love and Darkness

Jan 13, 2016

Mermaid Princess 2

Mermaid Princess-2

This tutorial is written in Corel X5, but any version will work. It is written out of my own mind and thought’s never meant to copy or looks like others.
IT is also written in hopes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro or other graphics program…

I am using a PTU Kit by
Pink Paradox Productions

You can find all of her kit’s in her store

I am using the wonderful artwork of
Alex Prihodko “Perla” A stunning Mermaid
You can find all of his work
When using a full size tube, make sure you re-size to fit your tags... This one has a few layers of color, I am using the blue layer…
I am using the font Water Park

I am also using a FTU mask by Rachel

Open a 800x800 size tag *You can re-size later if you want*
Frame1 c/p re-size by 65% add a sharpen more to the element and this drop shadow
Vertical 5
Horizontal 3
Opacity 40
Blur 5
Color black
Click the layer behind the frame paste 119
Then using her magic want select inside of the frame, and crop out any of the sand on the outside of the frame (do this which ever way you do…)
101 c/p re-size by 35% pull to the bottom inside edge of your frame…
162 c/p re-size by 45% pull to the right hand edge of castle…
161 c/p re-size by 30% pull to the left hand edge of castle…
82 c/p re-size by 25% pull to the far right hand edge of castle…
171 I am using the upper right part of this one re-size by 75% rotate °25 to the left and pull to the upper top left of your frame…
175 c/p re-size by 45% add a sharpen more, and then pull to the lower right hand edge of the frame…
Take the re-sized version of your tube, and paste above the frame, and then pull to the very bottom of your frame…
118 c/p re-size by 60% then pull it behind the tube, then  pull to the lower left hand edge of tag, copy pull it to the left hand edge of tag do this about 3 times (4 total) to make it look like your tube will be laying on spun glass
37 c/p re-size by 15% rotate °10 to the left and pull it under your tube make it look like her hand is resting on top of shell…
18 c/p mirror re-size by 20% add the drop shadow from above, and pull to the upper right hand edge of your tag, take 17 mirror  re-size by 30% pull it to the seahorse make it look like he is pulling it behind him…
60 c/p re-size by 20% pull to the right of her hand…
14 c/p put on her leg re-size by 15%...
140 c/p re-size by 25% pull to the right of bottle…
198 c/p re-size by 65% pull to cover the bottom part of tag, and  your tube…
Go to the bottom layer of your tag flood fill with paper12 apply Rachel’s mask, merge into one group add a sharpen more to the element, and the drop shadow from above
With these changes
Opacity 100
Color HTML#69c1c1, the color from E171

Go to the upper top most layers, and add your copyright and what ever saying you want. Make sure to give credit for the kit maker… 

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