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In Love and Darkness

Feb 5, 2015

Sir Thomas the Wild

Sir Thomas the Wild
This tutorial is written In Corel X5, but any version should work.
It is written out of my own thoughts and words, not meant to look like yours.

I am using PTU Kit by
Irish Princess Designs
Called Sir Thomas

Kate made this kit and dedicated it to her nephew
Kate sells at a few store's you can find them all on her blog

I am using a PTU Exclusive Tube
By Pics For Design
You can find out more about how to get this tube

I am using a FTU mask by
Millies PSP Madness Mask 70
You can get all her goodies

Open a 700x700 size tag you can re-size it later
Frame2 c/p re-size by 70%
Castle c/p pull behind the frame re-size by 55%
Go back to the layer above the frame
Grasses c/p mirror and pull to the bottom edge of your frame…
Take grassy hills paste as new layer re-size by 60% pull it to the bottom left hand edge of tag, then copy the resized version and paste it 2 more times all the way across the tag,. Then pull behind the Grasses element…
Armor c/p re-size by 35% pull to the left hand edge of tag, mushrooms will cover up his feet…
Mounted Knight c// re-size by  40% pull to the right hand edge of armor…
Mushrooms c/p then re-size it by 35% pull to the left hand edge of tag…
Take your tube, (a tube that is sitting works best), and paste it I had to re-size mine by 40% and pulled him to the lower right hand edge of tag…
Sword c/p rotate 90° to the left then rotate again 25° to the right pull to make it sit beside the tube, re-size by 65% add a High Pass Sharpen with these settings
Radius 20
Strength 55
Blend Mode Hard Light
Crown c/p re-size by 15% pull to the hand the tube is leaning on…
Bird c/p re-size by 25% pull to where the bird is sitting on his knee…
Go down to the bottom most raster and flood fill with paper 1 apply mask from above, then merge the group into one layer and up-size by 105%

Go back to the top most layer and add your copyright and give credit to the kit maker…
Thank you for reading/doing my tutorial.

©LadyDragus ~2015

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