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In Love and Darkness

Jan 20, 2015

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf ?

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

This tutorial is written in Corel X5, but any version should work
It is written by me on January 20th 2015. It is out of my own mind and thought.
It is not meant to look like others.

I am using a PTU Kit by
Pink Paradox Productions
Beware the Wolf

She sells at her very own store

I am using an amazing tube
By Tony Tzanoukakis
You can buy all of his artwork in his own store

I am using a FTU Mask by Millies PSP Madness

When working with a full size tag, I always make a smaller version where the height is 600 pixels high, and a close up from the full size version incase you wish to put it behind the frame…
Open a 700x700 size tag, you can re-size later
Frame6 c/p re-size by 50% leave in the middle of your tag…
93 c/p re-size by 65% pull to the bottom of the frame….
Take the re-sized version of your tube, full size and paste it, then pull to the far right hand edge of the frame…
85 c/p re-size by 50% pull to the lower left hand edge of your tag…
119 c/p re-size by 30% pull to the lower left hand edge of mailbox
118 c/p re-size by 30% mirror pull to the right hand edge of mailbox
99 c/p re-size by 50% pull to cover the bottom of the flowers…
4 c/p re-size by 30% pull to the middle of branches…
120 c/p mirror re-size by 50% pull to cover up the bottom right hand edge of your tube…
5 c/p re-size by 35% pull to the left hand edge of bush…
10 c/p re-size by 35% pull to the upper left hand edge of your tag…
113 c/p re-size by 25% pull to the right hand edge of the wolf…
11 c/p re-size by 35% pull to the upper left hand edge of the tag, over the butterflies…
Take 94 paste it behind your frame, then re-size it by 40% and leave it…
Go behind the house and flood fill with paper5 and apply mask MPM_Mask20

Then merge what layers you wish to have merged. Add a new raster layer on the very top of your tag, add your copyright and credits where needed... Add a saying and you’re done…

Tag for mask person and artist

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