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In Love and Darkness

Jul 15, 2014

I be Zombie

I be Zombie !!!

I’m in a wickedly good mood today; I am writing this tutorial using Paint Shop Pro 9
This came from my own mind; I am hoping no one else has written a tutorial or tag like this. I try to never copy from anyone..
But inspired by a tube by
Freya Langford-Sidebottom
She sells her artwork at
Artistically Inclined Licensing

And another part of the inspirations comes
From Toxic Desirez kit
Called Zombified

She sells at many stores, but
I am on a new store CT for
Scrap Candy
You can also find all the stores she sells
At on her blog

Open a 610x610
Frame2 c/p re-size by 70% leave in the middle of the tag
Sign c/p re-size by 55% rotate 45° to the left and pull to the edge of the frame
This tube has a few layers so make sure the layers you do not want to play with are “hidden” so when you copy merged layers, I am using the close up, with the dragon tattoo, copy the merged layer, and paste then re-size by 60% pull to the bottom edge of the frame…

City c/p re-size by 60% pull to the bottom edge of frame
Barb Wire c/p re-size by 55% pull to the bottom of the city, c/p repeat the paste, mirror pull them overlapping, then merge them into one layer, add a drop shadow
Vertical 5
Horizontal 3
Opacity 100
Blur 5
Color 5
Barrel c/p mirror re-size by 25% pull to the far right hand side of city element…
Ice Scream c/p re-size by 35% move to the left hand side of barrel
Cupcake c/p re-size by 25% pull beside the ice scream
Blood eye c/p mirror re-size by 35% pull to the left hand side of cupcake…
Bone& Eyes c/p re-size by 45% pull to the upper right hand side of your tab, on the outer edge of the frame…
Candy c/p re-size by 45% pull to the left hand edge of city, rotate 45° to the left…
Go to the bottom layer of your tag,
Open Flame re-size by 50% rotate 45° to the left, now take that and using Control+E copy that and mirror pull it up to the upper right, matching the one in the upper left hand side of the element, add a sharpen more to the element, take this copy paste flip over and pull it to the bottom edge of the tag also merge them into one layer..
Now take paper4 using your Ellipse tool, make a circle behind the frame, above the flames, so you have a background behind the inner circle of the frame…
Go to top layer paste sparkle, negative image it so it’s black instead of the white sparkle

Make a new raster layer and add your copyright

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